The NFL Combine started this weekend. No drills have taken place, but the prospects have been poked and prodded by various doctors and trainers from all the NFL teams. The measurements for the quarterbacks, in particular, are always of interest for you NFL draft junkies. Here are the measurements for the quarterbacks who did decide to attend the combine.

NFL Draft QB Combine Measurements

Joe Burrow Combine Measurements

Height: 6-3 4/8

Weight: 221lbs

Hand: 9

Arm: 30 7/8

Wingspan: 74

Justin Herbert Combine Measurements

Height: 6-6 2/8

Weight: 236 lbs

Hand: 10

Arm: 32 7/8

Wingspan: 78 7/8

Tua Tagovailoa Combine Measurements

Height: 6-0

Weight: 217 lbs

Hand: Left 10, Right 9 7/8

Wingspan: 75 2/8