Former Seahawks and Patriots fullback Heath Evans talked about the Dallas Cowboys' potential draft strategy during a recent segment on NFL Network. Here are some highlights: Heath Evans: If I am drafting in that Cowboys war room, I’m probably going after a player like [Florida safety] Matt Elam. Not Kenny Vaccaro from Texas, but a safety like Matt Elam, and here’s why: you look at tackling instincts, you look at in-the-space athleticism, you talk about a guy who has proper angles. A Rodney Harrison guy. A guy that is always smart, always keyed in, but also a guy that takes proper angles. So Kenny Vaccaro athletically might be better here or there, but if you’re talking about division-specific – trying to win your division – you’re playing quarterbacks who are going to offer you more athleticism, more unique looks where you’re going to have to have a safety who’s in the box making hard, aggressive, physical, sound tackling.