We're only two weeks into the Ligue 1 season and after a seemingly harmonious start, Paris Saint-Germain are facing some controversy and drama. "Penaltygate II" is in full swing after the scenes on Saturday evening against Montpellier between Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.

Before the start of the season, PSG's new manager, Christophe Galtier, set the rule for penalties: France striker Mbappe is the No. 1 taker and Brazil forward Neymar the No. 2, which means that Neymar would take a spot kick if his teammate was not on the pitch anymore, or if the foul had been committed against him. That's certainly how Mbappe understood it, yet Neymar was not happy with the decision. He thought he should take priority, but ultimately, he accepted it during preseason.

Fast-forward to Saturday. Mbappe had already missed a penalty in the game -- given in the 21st minute for Jordan Ferri's handball in the box -- when PSG got a second one 20 minutes later for another handball incident. Neymar grabbed the ball to the surprise of his teammate, who then had a word with him, but it was clear that the Brazilian hardly listened.

Instead, Neymar dismissed him, kept the ball, took the penalty and scored. Mbappe wasn't happy and his face showed it. He stayed grumpy all game, despite scoring, and despite PSG putting on another great performance, winning 5-2.

Sources told ESPN that Mbappe didn't like the way Neymar took the ball immediately for the second penalty. It upset him, though it wasn't the only thing on his mind as some off-field problems in the days leading up to the game also had an impact on his mood going into the Montpellier game.