Why would any head coach worth a dime want the Detroit Pistons’ job? If you make it past two years, they present you with a gold watch for achieving extraordinary longevity. Discarding head coaches with the casual ease of a used tissue doesn’t exactly make the Pistons a beacon of organizational stability. Instead, they come off as panicky and desperate. Owner Tom Gores dismissed him today 72 hours following his public demand for accountability. It was Gores who pushed for Frank two years ago while team president Joe Dumars focused his interest on Mike Woodson. Gores had no alternative but offer the angry peasants a head on a stick after another woefully dreadful season and Frank’s was the most convenient. “We feel it’s in the best interest of the franchise to make a change at this time,” Dumars said in a statement. It was apparent that Frank lost his team, but it also shouldn’t be forgotten that this collage of middling talent couldn’t find the right direction with a GPS. Frank was correctly patient in his nurturing of Andre Drummond, the 19-year-old rookie center. He developed into one of the top three rookies this season. But Frank had to go because Gores foolishly thought that the Pistons were capable of making the playoffs this season. Instead of admitting that perhaps he might have overreached just a tad, Gores had to back up his words with stern action.