The venue was not Candlestick Park, his home field at the time as the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback. Nor was it Arrowhead Stadium, which will be his new home starting with the 2013 season. It was at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in midtown Kansas City. Smith, then in his sixth season with the 49ers, spent a March 2010 weekend here and shared his dedication to helping older teenagers as they “age out” of the foster care system and have nowhere to turn as young adults. He outlined how The Alex Smith Foundation had put 23 foster teens through college in his hometown of San Diego and helped them transition to adulthood. And now, thanks to Smith’s encouragement, a similar program is working in Kansas City. “It was quite incredible to see and hear the passion he had for this issue and to see the time and commitment not only he devotes, but his entire family devotes, to help youth be successful,” said Denise Cross, president and CEO of Cornerstones of Care, a local organization that works with foster children. “By him sharing their success and their model, we were able to adapt to the needs here in our broader Kansas City community and are working to make that happen.”