Two weeks after Panthers quarterback Cam Newton created a major stir via something he said, he’s making more waves with nothing he said. Because he has said nothing to the media this week, in violation of league rules. The NFL requires all players to be available to reporters at least once during each week of the regular season, and after every regular-season game. It continues to be unclear why Newton suddenly has clammed up. Some think that the return of Jordan Rodrigue to the team’s beat after a two-week break and Newton’s silence aren’t coincidental. Or maybe Newton, after the whirlwind of the controversy created by his sexist remark, a game only four days after he said it was “funny” that a female reporter was asking questions about “routes,” and another game only four days after that, has had a chance to reflect on what happened — and to decide either that he’s upset with the media for making a big deal out of his comments or the best way to avoid further unforced errors when opening his mouth would be to keep his mouth closed. Regardless, there’s a perception that Newton’s silence has a connection to Rodrigue’s return, which would be a horrible look for Newton.