The Los Angeles Lakers will be a work in progress all season, but one thing is clear after their first game: They need to embrace Anthony Davis' versatility. 

In the loss to the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday, the 28-year-old star showed his ability to score in all sorts of ways. It did not matter whether he was the power forward or center—he shined. Davis operated in the post and perimeter and was both a facilitator and scorer. 

A lot of those skills were on display in just the first quarter, when he dropped 14 of his 33 points. The Warriors threw several guys at Davis, but it did not matter whether it was Draymond Green, Kevon Looney or Juan Toscano-Anderson—they each got the business from him. 

Even though the Lakers lost 121-114, AD was a bright spot on a night when there weren't many for L.A.


Perimeter Work

The Lakers started the game by going big at center with the 6'11" DeAndre Jordan, so Davis tipped off at power forward. With limited space on the floor, he was floating around the perimeter and looking for opportunities to strike. 

His first made field goal was off a Russell Westbrook post-up. With Stephen Curry on Westbrook, the Warriors had no choice but to send help. Once Davis' man went to trap Westbrook, The Brow cut down the lane and finished the play with a bucket.

Even when the Lakers went small, bringing in Carmelo Anthony to play power forward and shifting Davis to center, he still floated some. First, in early offense, he showed off his pull-up game by attacking Nemanja Bjelica off the dribble and going into a jumper at the free-throw line.