The Vancouver Canucks were not without ability the last four seasons. One of their greatest was to disappoint.

It wasn’t just that they were a rebuilding team hopelessly short of being good enough to compete into April for a playoff spot, it was all the little disappointments, the disillusionments, along the way.

If the Canucks actually won a couple of games, an emphatic loss was sure to follow and extinguish enthusiasm. Get an opponent down? Not for long. Have a game placed on a tee for them to hit out of the park? Brace yourself for a strikeout.

The Canucks were consistently good at being bad. Despair was never far away.

This season’s team, rebuilt around a few young stars and bolstered by several new players in the prime of their careers, is supposed to be different. This is the new-and-improved version. There are 77 games to go, so we’ll see.