Malik Monk already has his eyes on the Charlotte Hornets owner after the team selected him with the No. 11 pick in Thursday's NBA draft. Granted, Charlotte's owner is Michael Jordan—who is only widely considered the greatest player in NBA history—but Monk said "I'm going to beat him" when asked if he thought MJ would challenge him to a one-on-one battle, per Ananth Pandian of Uproxx. It should be noted Pandian said Monk was laughing when he made the comment, but the famously competitive Jordan probably will be up for the challenge. The 54-year-old owner is well past his prime, but he wasn't ready to back down in 2015. "I'm pretty sure I can, so I don't want to do that and demolish their confidence," Jordan told France's L'Equipe as a 52-year-old when discussing going up against Hornets players one-on-one, via Fox Sports. "So I stay away from them; I let them think they're good." Jordan would have his hands full with the reigning SEC Player of the Year.