Is it time for the Yankees to panic or to preach patience? That depends on how much Brian Cashman , Joe Girardi and the rest of the front office believe in their current crop of starting pitchers. With two days until the non-waiver trade deadline, names such as Ubaldo Jimenez , Wandy Rodriguez and Hiroki Kuroda are flying fast and furious. Whether any of these pitchers winds up wearing pinstripes remains to be seen. Colorado general manager Dan O'Dowd is asking for a " Herschel Walker " package in exchange for Jimenez, making it doubtful that the Yankees would get involved unless the Rockies lowered their asking price. Kuroda is owed more than $6 million for the remainder of the year, and although the cash-strapped Dodgers would love to rid themselves of his salary, he has a full no-trade clause. Kuroda might be willing to waive the no-trade to move to a contender such as the Yankees - or the Red Sox . He told reporters after his start on Wednesday that he "can't fathom wearing another uniform than the Dodgers uniform right now," though he planned to take the next couple of days to weigh his options once the Dodgers presented them to him.