The New York Mets signed Francisco Lindor to a 10-year, $341 million contract with the intention of him serving as a cornerstone for championship-caliber teams in the near- and long-term future. When queried as to what type of player he'll be at age 38, the effervescent shortstop radiated with confidence, projecting himself as a "bad motherf--ker." Through 15 of the projected 1,620 regular-season games he'll potentially suit up in orange and blue, Lindor has been quite average, if not worse.

He entered Saturday's action with a .204/.333/.278 slash and all of two extra-base hits in 67 plate appearances. His OPS+ is floundering 25 integers behind his career-low of 101 — set last year amid unusual, protracted circumstances. And the notoriously tough New York fanbase is already beginning to grow disenchanted.

There were noticeable boos after Lindor fanned in his second plate appearance this afternoon. Already. On April 24th. On what are essentially the first steps of a long journey. Not entirely surprising, but a bit surprising.