Shohei Ohtani is expected to be the biggest name in MLB free agent history next winter, and the New York Mets reportedly could set the market with an “insane” offer for the incomparable baseball superstar.

This offseason was the most expensive in MLB history and, in a way, it is understandable. The crop of talent up for grabs in free agency was arguably the greatest assembly at once that the sport had ever seen.

Reigning American League MVP, Aaron Judge, and AL Cy Young, Justin Verlander, were both available. Four All-Star-level shortstops were on the market at once. Future Hall-of-Famer Jacob DeGrom and his legendary talents were available to the highest bidder, and even a pair of Japanese superstars brought their talents to the big leagues.

Yet, despite the historic winter this has been in MLB, many league observers are already looking at next offseason when dual-threat beast Shohei Ohtani will hit the market and land a record-shattering contract.