Enes Kanter took issue with a Hawks tweet that highlighted a potentially dangerous fall he took in the New York Knicks' win over Atlanta on Wednesday.

"I don't know who's running their social media -- a high schooler? I have no idea," Kanter said. "I know they've been tweeting some crazy stuff. Probably a high schooler. Whoever it is, they should consider anyone [else] for sure because it is terrible."

The Knicks' backup center flipped over Hawks big man Miles Plumlee's back while going after a rebound in the fourth quarter. On Thursday, the Hawks highlighted the play in a tweet, which Kanter mocked in a tweet of his own.

"It's kind of weird because ... they just lost the game [Wednesday] night and the guy they were tweeting about, I got a double-double on him," said Kanter, who had 17 points and 11 rebounds against Atlanta. "So it's a little weird to tweet something about him after a bad loss, a home loss. It's just a little weird. We were just talking about it. Their social media guy is probably a high schooler, I don't know.

"They should consider a new one definitely, a more mature one," Kanter added. "Because I've been seeing what the Hawks account's tweeting. Terrible. Very childish."

Kanter also said he saw one of the Hawks' assistant coaches first-bumping with players after the sequence, which could have resulted in an injury for Kanter.