The Jets signed Michael Vick and, along with the actual quarterback, his past baggage. Though Vick's more or less moved on at this point from his previous issues, it's pretty clear New York hasn't forgotten. Jets owner Woody Johnson didn't forget either. Johnson said at the NFL owners meetings on Sunday that "We've checked — we've talked to everyone. Commissioner Goodell, I had one conversation with him about Mike," Johnson said. "I think he'll be a real positive to help us get better. Not only at the quarterback position but also as a team." Asked when he spoke to Goodell, Johnson couldn't quite say, but he made it clear the call wasn't about Vick's "throwing motion." "I spoke to him a while ago. I don't remember exactly when," Johnson said. "We didn't talk about evaluating Michael Vick in terms of his throwing motion. Just in terms of [him as a] person. He was, very very supportive." Johnson said he talked with Goodell because the commish "had a good relationship" with Vick and declined to refer to the conversation as a "character reference." "Not really character references but to see what he's like and have a conversation," Johnson said. "Quarterback's a really important position so we're going to do our due diligence."