Michael Boley, Ahmad Bradshaw and Chris Canty are gone. The great New York Giants salary purge of 2013 in in full swing, with general manager Jerry Reese swinging an unforgiving and unsentimental ax. All three players jettisoned thus far were key contributors to the 2012 Super Bowl victory. Bradshaw, in fact, played a role in two Super Bowl titles. All three played leadership roles -- particularly Bradshaw and Canty. Still, the NFL is a salary-cap driven league. It's not even a 'what have you done for me lately?' league. It's an 'are you worth the money we have to pay you next year?' league. Bradshaw gained 1,015 yards last season and was an on-field leader, but the Giants decided they couldn't pay him $7.75 million over the next two seasons. It seems inconceivable that the purge is over. The moves have, according to most accounts, gotten the Giants under the anticipated salary of cap -- proejected to be in the range of $120.9 to $121.1 million. The Giants are, again according to the commonly accepted math, somewhere around $118.5 million. And there is no doubt they need to get lower. They need cap room to sign Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Will Beatty, Kevin Boothe, Martellus Bennett and any other free agents -- their own or players from other teams on the market -- they want to have on the roster next season.