As much as he probably would like to forget about last season, New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks has come to the realization that fighting through an injury-filled 2012 season was probably a bit of a blessing in disguise. Oh sure, Nicks' production dropped significantly - his 692 receiving yards and 3 receiving touchdowns were career lows. But at the same time, the Giants top wideout said he learned a lot above himself after going thought he experience. "Nobody knew what I was going through but me," he said during a recent open media session at the team's East Rutherford, N.J. headquarters. "But I felt like I came out better than the average person would in that position. So I feel like I was blessed to come out the way I did." Nicks, who said he fought through a knee injury for most of the season "for my team," said that among the things he learned was to simply take things in stride. And in doing so, he opted to have offseason surgery, the exact nature of which he declined to specify other than to describe as "a little minor procedure," to help correct the issue, a procedure he said he's happy he had. "My body is feeling good. I still have a lot of time to still monitor and take care of it, so that's what I'm doing now getting back in the groove of things," he said. Nicks was asked if he had any regrets about not handling his injury differently. "You can look at that and say that now, but when you're going through the situation it's a lot harder especially when you're competitive like the way I am," he said. "You just got to look back on it now and be glad that it's over with and that what I do."