No one associated with the Giants will be eager to compile a 2017 yearbook, that’s for sure. But it’s New Year’s Eve, Dave Gettleman already is on board as the new GM, and that means it’s finally time for Big Blue to put the blues of a forgettable year behind the franchise and hope for better days ahead in 2018. It’s popular to commit to better fitness or financial savings each New Year, but the 2017 Giants aren’t the average person or NFL team, so their list doesn’t look like yours and mine. And that’s why the Daily News is excited to bring you an exclusive first look at the list of New Year’s resolutions that John Mara, Steve Tisch, Odell Beckham Jr. and Co. have compiled with an eye on putting 2017 in the rear-view and kicking off 2018 with a bang. 1. Get Better At Hiring Head Coaches John Mara sunk Ben McAdoo’s battleship Friday when asked about the qualities he wants in his next head coach: “You’re looking for someone who has intelligence but leadership qualities, too — somebody that’s going to be able to command the room when he stands up there in front of that team.” Ouch. Only problem is McAdoo obviously controlled the room to Mara’s satisfaction in his January 2016 interview for Mara to hire him as head coach. The good news is Mara appears to have learned from that enormous mistake, as he said “ideally” the next head coach “will be somebody with previous head coaching experience.” That’s a good place to start for Mara after hiring McAdoo, who hadn’t been a head coach at any level prior to getting the Giants job. Interviews are expected to start this week. 2. Discard All Phones Before Boarding Boats Beckham and Giants players and executives will need some tropical time off to unwind from the rigors of this regular season, this time without a playoff game six days away. And the lesson has been learned: we all occasionally have the urge to fly to Miami for an all-night club-and-boat party trip, but it’s important to make sure you collect everyone’s cell phones before boarding. One click of a camera is enough to make even the most well-intentioned pre-postseason bash look ill-advised and create a distraction that contributes to a 25-point playoff loss. Even without a playoff game upcoming, it’s critical that in 2018, the Giants party smart.