There should have been a difficult acclimation period for Ryan McDonough. He was thrown into a new city and franchise culture and had to hit the hot Phoenix asphalt running with a coaching hire, staff restructure and draft preparation. But McDonough’s commute proved shorter than Boston — a walk across the street from the downtown hotel where he lived until a week ago. His indoctrination into all facets of the Suns came quickly with everything under one roof at US Airways Center, as opposed to Boston’s dual sites. Upon hitting his one-month Suns anniversary Sunday, McDonough is so acclimated that his “the Suns” references are vanishing to ones for “we.” “Other than the heat, I really like everything about it,” McDonough said, tugging at his Suns polo collar. He was talking about the pre-summer triple-digit temperatures and not the heat on him to turn around the franchise. McDonough seems cool under fire for that heat, acting coolly and quickly with his coaching selection of Jeff Hornacek, identifying and recruiting new front-office staff for a scouting staff remodel and proving to have a head full of knowledge at the ready about draft prospects. “He’s such a smart guy,” Hornacek said. “Even though he’s young (33), he’s been around this a long time (10 years in the NBA). He knows what he’s looking for in guys. He’s very decisive on what he’s looking for. Guys are going to jump out at him, and he’s going to know the right guys. “When we talk about guys, what you like and what you don’t like and can he do this and can he do that, we’re in agreement on those things.” McDonough has created a conduit among all levels of the organization that was lacking since Steve Kerr was GM. That goes for his work ethic, too. His hotel residence proved to be ideal for the 15-hour “Groundhog Days” he has been working at the arena. “I’m happy with the physical setup and everything,” McDonough said. “Like I said when I took the job, and I believe this even more so a month later, there’s a good infrastructure here. We needed to upgrade our coaching, which we did. And then obviously we need to keep upgrading the roster.”