The NHL is working on realignment, and the Red Wings were quick to react Saturday to a report out of Canada that currently under consideration is a proposal to move Detroit and the Blue Jackets into the Eastern Conference. "I have no information on it, but that would make a lot of people happy," said Ken Holland, the Wings' general manager and executive vice-president. The Red Wings and Columbus are the only two teams in the Eastern time zone that play in the Western Conference, and over the years it has made for an enormous travel deficit for the Wings. Especially in the playoffs, they are forced to fly more miles than almost any franchise and through more time zones than all. Elliotte Friedman, of CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada" reported Saturday that under the proposal, there would be eight teams in each of two divisions in the Eastern Conference and seven teams in both divisions of a Western Conference. Friedman described it as "the latest proposal." He said the NHL would present it to the players' union, presently. Last season, before the NHL Players Association asked for more time to review a proposed realignment, the Red Wings were to stay in the Western Conference.