It takes one to know one. A.J. Pierzynski has found a good match in new boss Nolan Ryan. The Hall of Famer who is president and part-owner of the Rangers loves that his new catcher is an instigator who doesn't mind aggravating opponents when it helps win games. "Remember when Alex Rodriguez said 'I've got it' on that pop-up (while he was running the bases)?'' Ryan said. "Everybody criticized Alex, said it was bush league. I liked it. That was the way we played when I got to the big leagues. You looked for little things, little advantages, like the hidden-ball trick. If you could help your team win, you'd do stuff, anything. Now it's about what you're supposed to do, how you're supposed to act, and nobody likes to stand out.'' Ryan loved how Pierzynski reacted after it seemed he had struck out to end an inning in the second game of the 2005 AL Championship Series, hustling to first base as Angels catcher Josh Paul rolled the ball to the mound and his teammates jogged off the field. Umpire Doug Eddings and Pierzynski were the only people in the park who felt the ball had hit the dirt on its way to Paul's mitt, but it turned into a key play in the White Sox's championship run.