With their regular season finale in the books, the New Orleans Hornets have officially taken on the "Pelicans" moniker, adding a new website and social media account. The team will first participate in an event as the Pelicans on May 21 at the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery. In due time, the Pelicans will present a new mascot, uniforms and name and look for its dancers. Recently sold to Saints owner Tom Benson, the team was interested in adding a name befitting of the city. Hornets, a holdover from the Charlotte days, didn't exactly stick out as New Orleans-centric. They settled on the "Pelican," which is the state bird of Louisiana. Benson explained the process of adding the new name and look. “We have been looking forward to this day since we announced the Pelicans as the new name,” Benson said in a press release. “The Pelican is a symbol for our city and region and we’re excited to start a new era in Louisiana basketball history. This off-season is going to be a special time for the Pelicans.”