Numbers are woven into sports at every turn. So it's no surprise that LSU freshman Elbert Robinson is a tad hung up on one number in particular. The big Texan arrived on campus earlier this summer as one of the biggest Tigers' recruit in recent memory, and that's in a literal definition, not necessarily as an adjective. Not yet anyway. Robinson stands a legitimate 7-foot-1 and that number is just fine for him, LSU coach Johnny Jones and everybody else concerned. It's the other half of the normal measurements used to describe a player that have Robinson's attention, perhaps to the point of obsession, and understandably so. Along with the big vertical number, the Tigers' new big man has grappled with a bigger-than-wanted weight number as he has developed into his man-sized frame. He ballooned to the 330-pound range heading into his senior high school season, so when Robinson officially enrolled in June, the No. 1 item on his to-do list was a no-brainer. "I had to get rid of a lot of that baby fat," he said last week during a media session to introduce the four new LSU players, along with transfer Keith Hornsby and sophomore Brian Bridgewater, who sat out last season as he waited on the NCAA Clearinghouse. "I'm down to 288 now and I want to be around 275-80 when the season gets here. I want to be more explosive and be able to get up and down the floor better than I ever have before."