Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush had to learn one of the NFL's most complex playbooks as a rookie. Bush spent his first five seasons with New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, who is considered the most creative NFL play caller by most observers.'s Bucky Brooks said, 'He (Payton) cleverly uses a mixture of formations and personnel groupings to exploit the weaknesses of the opponent, while operating at a rapid tempo.' Payton's preparation and in-game adjustments are also highly regarded. Detroit signed Bush this offseason, and his task was to learn offensive coordinator Scott Linehan's playbook. So far, so good. "It's pretty similar," Bush said. "This playbook, from a terminology standpoint, is a little easier to learn, and probably just because I've been in the league going on eight years now. I know pretty much everything. It's just different terminology. It's pretty easy for me to pick up now." Bush's ability to learn Detroit's playbook is one reason why Linehan is excited about utilizing his new running back's versatility. "I think you're going to use the strengths of the players out there," Linehan said. "Reggie definitely has some versatility. I think, if anything, it gives us some more versatility we can use as it relates to our backfield. Whether we're doing what we do as a base, or we can do some things creative wise to break the traditional looks that we have and utilize our running back both as a runner and a pass receiver. "That's what Reggie has done his whole career, and hopefully we can continue to do that now with him in our system." Bush was effective in New Orleans before injuries derailed him.