The Los Angeles Rams traded three draft picks for Matthew Stafford because they believed Stafford was a level up from Jared Goff. Heck, they even threw Goff into the deal. Then star defensive tackle Michael Brockers said in an interview what everyone in L.A. was thinking -- that he was thrilled with the upgrade at quarterback.

“It’s a level up,” Brockers told TMZ.

Then on the same day that trade became finalized, Brockers was traded to the Detroit Lions too. And suddenly he found himself on the same roster as the quarterback he just said wasn’t as good as Matthew Stafford. Oops.

While a little awkard, it seems there is no bad blood between Brockers and Goff whatsoever. Brockers quickly texted Goff to explain why he said what he said and apologized, then later apologized again.