Near the end of "The Scheme," an HBO-produced documentary that will air March 31, convicted felon Christian Dawkins looks into the camera and says, "I want to be very clear with this: Any coach who offers to play a player, in my opinion, is a good guy."

The moment comes in the denouement of the doc and, pointedly, after the juiciest portion of the film reveals what the college basketball public has been waiting to hear for years: tapes of coaches talking to Dawkins about payment schemes for other players. 

LSU coach Will Wade and Arizona coach Sean Miller are both heard in the movie; it's the first time these wiretaps, which remain under federal seal, have been disclosed for public consumption. While Dawkins' attorney Steve Haney (who, like Dawkins, frequently appears in the doc) attempted to subpoena Wade and Miller to get them to testify under oath during last April's federal trial, U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos found their involvement irrelevant to the heart of the case.