Ryan McDonough had waited years for the opportunity to run his own team build a roster and determine the fate of an organization. The Phoenix Suns have allowed the former Celtics executive to do that and then some. The Suns didn’t have a coach when McDonough was hired as general manager and had a roster in need of demolition. In four short months McDonough has completely restructured the team dumping unwanted players such as troublesome Michael Beasley and dealing away veteran Luis Scola who didn’t have a long-term role. Like his former employer Danny Ainge McDonough is working to replace old with young and stockpile draft picks and salary-cap space for future gain. The Suns are a lottery-bound team this season but there is renewed hope. “Walking in there the main thing I wanted to do is upgrade the talent” said McDonough who moved or released five of the team’s top nine scorers from last season. “And do it in a fashion that was sustainable for the long term. I didn’t want to try to take any shortcuts or try any quick fixes.” With the moves McDonough executed the Suns potentially have five first-round picks over the next two seasons in addition to the presence of budding point guard Eric Bledsoe (whom the Celtics wanted in any deal with the Clippers involving Kevin Garnett) rookie center Alex Len and potential standout Archie Goodwin. With the Morris twins Markieff and Marcus as well as Goran Dragic and Marcin Gortat the Suns have a solid foundation. And they have one player 30 or older center Channing Frye who missed 2012-13 with heart-related issues but may return this season. The Suns will feature youngsters who will struggle in the competitive Western Conference but McDonough is hoping they will build chemistry.