The New England Patriots' brief nightmare of irrelevance is over as Mac Jones is beginning to look an awful lot like that other quarterback who brought so many baubles and trophies to the team's display case. A throttling of the Tennessee Titans on Sunday leaves Bill Belichick's team atop the AFC East and in serious conversation as the best team in football. They've won seven of eight and appear to be firing on all cylinders at a time when everyone else in the conference is transversing the peaks and valleys.

Sports Guys everywhere are fired up at the development, including our own Liam McKeone, who barely made it through a six-month stretch without a Boston sports championship. The vibe is also incredibly positive on the national level, with pundits chomping at the bit for the opportunity to tell you Bill Belichick is back and better than ever.

First Things First's Kevin Wildes was able to plant his flag on desired land early this morning by being the first proclaim the Patriots' are in the beginning stages of a second dynasty.