AS NEW 76ERS coach Brett Brown arrived for a session with the local media yesterday at a hotel banquet room on City Avenue he apologized for being 6 minutes late. "Sorry I'm late" he said. "Trying to build a team here." That monumental task is the undertaking that has garnered all of Brown's attention since Aug. 14 when the former San Antonio Spurs assistant was named the Sixers' eighth head coach since Larry Brown left in 2003. He wasn't hired to lead this team to the playoffs this season or to falsely tell fans that the goal is to win now. Brown's primary goal is to develop young players who can help this team in the future when the roster could look quite different than it does now. Brown spoke for close to a half-hour never sugarcoating the fact that the task at hand is a total reconstruction of an organization. His focus is on making his team elite in the physical-fitness department and showing competitive at all times on the basketball court. That is the foundation he believes is needed to grow an organization that has to learn how to expect to be playing beyond the regular season. He said he will lean heavily on "the three guys" - meaning Thaddeus Young Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes. He made it known that rookie point guard Michael Carter-Williams will be given an abundance of minutes. After those four time is going to be given to those who deserve it. He also let on that big men Arnett Moultrie Lavoy Allen and Kwame Brown are injured but didn't elaborate. The team is expected to give an update soon. One of the first tasks of a new coach is to build relationships with the players. "I'm always curious about what their background is [and about] their children and their wife or whatever" Brown said. "I don't think there's any blueprint to any of that. That's not who I am. I just feel like you figure it out. Some people you can coexist with some people you can't. We all are around those types of people . . . "I'm trying to make sure that they know that we want them to become better players and that we're there to help them. That is the truth and then wherever it goes it goes. "We are busting our tails to make sure we can put a product on the floor that [the fans] are proud of that competes that is in great shape that is going to run and play defense. It will be done with different people but that is my goal for the program it is my responsibility to the city to the owners. "When you're looking to rebuild and you're not on the side of the win column as much as you would like to be it needs to be done out of respect out of work ethic out of toughness a competitiveness. Those will be the type of qualities that I hope our fans come and see and are proud to come and support us."