Harold Goodwin is close with his brother, Jonathan, the starting center for the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers. The two talk nearly every week, with Harold plugging Jonathan for inside information. “I’m sure he won’t take those calls in a game week anymore,” said Harold, who was introduced as the Arizona Cardinals' next offensive coordinator at a news conference Wednesday, meaning he will face his brother twice a year in NFC West battles. “This past Sunday was the last time I could ever root for the 49ers.” If Goodwin can elevate the Cardinals’ offensive-line play anywhere near the level of San Francisco’s, he may well inherit the rest of the coordinator duties that he currently lacks under new head coach Bruce Arians. Arians reiterated Wednesday that he will call plays this season, but Goodwin would handle "all other coordinator duties." In reality, however, Goodwin is actually third in the offensive pecking order behind assistant head coach/offense, Tom Moore, a 34-year NFL assistant who coached 13 years in Indianapolis and tutored Peyton Manning for 12 years. That should afford him plenty of time to learn behind a pair of coaches who have been alive a combined 134 years. “At the end of the day, I’m happy coaching football. But when you work in any profession, you look to elevate your status or your level of work, and I welcome this opportunity,” said Goodwin, who was flanked by Arians in the Cardinals’ media work room. “The challenge is just learning day in and day out what I’ve got to get done.” The first order of business is improving an offensive line that ranked dead last in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus. The Cardinals ranked last in the NFL in rushing yards (1,204) and in rushing yards per carry (3.4). They also allowed a league-high 58 sacks. “I’ve been watching the guys here recently, and I kind of like what I see,” Goodwin said. “Obviously, there’s a long way to go because everybody can get better, (but) I think there’s talent there.”