Remember when New York City FC paraded English midfielder Frank Lampard around the city in July after announcing he "signed a two-year contract" which started Aug. 1? Ah, those were good days for Major League Soccer fans in New York. Apparently, soccer in the Big Apple is a complete mess at the moment. On Friday, City Football Group acknowledged it unintentionally misled their fans with that announcement, per the Associated Press. The July announcement "was a genuine error which throws everything into confusion (for media and fans). It wasn't a contract. It's an agreement with City Football Group with intention to play for NYCFC." For those that aren't knowledgeable with the situation, CFG is the umbrella company for the multiple soccer clubs owned by Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Mansour. David Villa, who also signed a deal with the expansion club in New York, was sent on loan from October to December 2014 to A-League's Melbourne City, another club owned by Sheikh Mansour. He's expected back at the start pf the season. After 13 years and 147 goals, Lampard was released by Chelsea last summer and was destined to head to MLS after indicating he did not want to play for another Premier League side. Lampard, who is now with Manchester City on what was believed to be a loan, clarified that he signed a "commitment" to play for the expansion club on a two-year contract from January. 2015.