Jarrett Allen looks at older teammate Ed Davis and sees a mentor.

Davis looks at his young protégé and sees something else. He sees a potential star.

“Just trying to help him out as much as possible. I got big expectations for him,” Davis said. “I think he’s a $100 million player, so he’s got to go get it.”

Fortunately for the Nets, they’re a ways away from having to pay that — they have already picked up next year’s option and almost certainly will do the same for 2020-21 on a player who might be general manager Sean Marks’ biggest draft steal.

After being picked 22nd in the 2017 draft — falling that far due to questions about his love for the game — Allen has compiled the second-most win shares of anybody in his class behind Jayson Tatum and ahead of lottery picks Lonzo Ball, De’Aaron Fox, Dennis Smith, Lauri Markkanen and even Donovan Mitchell.

For the Nets, Allen’s development has been a top priority. Spencer Dinwiddie told The Post this offseason: “Our future is definitely Jarrett.” In addition, sources have said concerns of Dwight Howard’s potential impact on Allen’s development was one of the primary reasons Brooklyn bought out the All-Star big man immediately after acquiring him last summer.

Seeing not only Davis’ own rugged rebounding but how he has rubbed off on Allen and taken the 20-year-old under his wing, it’s clear they made the right call.

Allen is coming off an 11-point, five-rebound, three-block performance Wednesday, with his second-half turnaround helping the Nets do the same.

After a quiet four-point, one-board, one-block first half that saw the Nets trailing by six, he leveled up his game in the second half and brought Brooklyn with him. He had seven points, four rebounds and two blocks and altered a number of Hawks shots as the Nets outscored Atlanta by 21.