1. Find their legs: After seven periods of basketball Saturday, and only 49 hours between the end of Game 4 and the beginning of Game 5, the team that responds to fatigue the best will have a huge advantage. "I think everybody’s sore," Nets interim coach P.J. Carlesimo said Sunday. "As I’m sure the people in Chicago are sore also. Guys are not going to be 100 percent." 2. Stick with what works: After the way Game 4 ended (in triple overtime), it’s easy to forget that the Nets put themselves in position to win. Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez all had a big impact. If they can get production from those three again, they’ll have a chance to win again. 3. No lead is safe: The Nets haven’t played a full 48 minutes of steady basketball since Game 1. If they get a lead, whether it’s early or late, they must not relax. Oh, and they probably should keep an eye on Nate Robinson. The Nets have learned all too well how dangerous he can be.