Deron Williams continues to struggle with sore ankles, getting treatment instead of taking the best course of action to a cure. Missing time with the Brooklyn Nets, Williams says, is out of the question. Friday's 106-96 loss to the Houston Rockets saw Williams limping in the third quarter, the New York Daily News reported. Although he had 15 points and 13 assists, Williams was 5-of-17 from the field. Williams had cortisone shots on Thursday in fight inflammation in his ankles. He shrugged off questions after the game. "It should be all right. It's something I've been doing all season," Williams said. He also will continue the regimen, including another round of shots before the playoffs. Rest? Forget it. "I've gotten frustrated some nights where I can't do anything, can't go anywhere," he told the Daily News. "It's frustrating and that's how you want to think, but I can't do that. "It's tough because we're in a position right now in the standings where we lose a couple games, we slip to sixth or seventh. We win a couple and we're up to second, so I need to be out there as much as possible. "That's what my focus is and I'll continue doing things in the training room and the weight room just to stay as healthy and fresh as possible."