In their most recent game, the Brooklyn Nets got demolished on the glass 62-42, falling to the Miami Heat 106-93 in their fifth game of the year. Brooklyn (2-3) is trying to scrape by as they adjust to the training camp bombshell of losing Kyrie Irving due to the superstar’s vaccination status.

Irving, at 6-2, wouldn’t solve the Nets’ rebounding woes. Still, he would help on the offensive end enough so that things like this might simply matter less. For now, one major hurdle is the team being out-positioned and out-muscled on the glass.

In Irving’s absence, the Nets are willing to sacrifice. But there are some things (like effort) which head coach Steve Nash has referred to as “non-negotiables.”

On Wednesday the Nets actually played sound defense. At least initially. Harassing shooters, walling off drives, they didn’t come out flat or lifeless. But they kept giving up offensive boards, surrendering 17 in total. It can be an especially deflating play.

Addressing reporters last season, per Peter Botte, New York Post, Nash offered the following.

“Rebounding, that’s going to be a process all year for us,” Nash said. “It’s not a natural inclination for our lineups to be strong rebounding lineups, so we’re going to have to gang rebound. We’re going to have to make some habits and be greedy down there.”