Projected No. 1 pick Nerlens Noel, born in Everett, calls Kevin Garnett his favorite basketball player and the Boston Celtics his most beloved team. Once asked who he's most looking forward to meeting in the NBA, Noel answered Garnett. Told to be careful what he wishes for, Noel added that he will be ready for any of the 15-time All-Stars antics. "I’ll get in his face too," said the Kentucky product, who is currently recovering from a torn ACL suffered during his lone college season. Noel recently told ESPN's Henry Abbott that he owned posters of Garnett and Paul Pierce growing up ("I idolize KG," Noel has said) – and continuing the Celtics theme here, named Rajon Rondo his dream alley-oop partner. Before you start drooling about Jeff Green slashing toward the hoop from one side of the court while Noel swoops toward the rim from the other, keep in mind that the Celtics hold the No. 16 pick and will only have a chance to select Noel in June's NBA Draft if A) they trade pretty much all their young talent, or B) president of basketball operations Danny Ainge risks a prison sentence by blackmailing 15 teams. So, yeah, pairing Rondo with Noel doesn't seem at all likely, even if they'd surely make the best post-torn-ACL alley-oop combo in world history (a title some would risk their careers for, I'm sure). Still, it's nice to know that at least one youngster soon to enter the NBA (albeit one who's always been a Celtics fan) considers Rondo his ideal running mate.