If Nelson Cruz plays in 155 games, Ron Washington sees an MVP-type season. But 128 games have been the most Cruz has played in any of his seven major league seasons. He has been hampered by hamstring injuries throughout his career, landing on the disabled list five times since the start of the 2010 season, and has never had a chance to put up gaudy numbers. Cruz spent the off-season in hopes of changing that and believes his hamstrings are better than ever at the start of spring training. "I think I have the right program now to make sure my hamstrings are healthy," Cruz said. "I feel my hamstrings are strong and flexible. I don't know the last time they felt this way. I've just got to go out there and play, and make sure I stay there for 150-160 games." To build strength and flexibility in his hamstrings, Cruz did more jumping and lifting in his off-season program, as well as building his glutes. He also reported to spring training about 10 pounds lighter than he usually does, weighing 228 pounds. The Rangers will do whatever they can to make sure Cruz's hamstrings aren't an issue this spring, including limiting his base running at the beginning of camp.