The first time Kevin Correia steps on the mound at Target Field, he will be throwing warm-up pitches for his Twins debut. His decade-long career has seen him toe the slab in 32 big-league ballparks, but Wednesday, April 3, will mark his first professional outing in Minnesota. Correia never pitched in the state in the minor leagues as he rose through the San Francisco Giants' chain. He never pitched at the Metrodome. He is oh-for-Minnesota. All that changes Wednesday against the defending American League champion Detroit Tigers "It's no big deal," he said. "I've pitched in a lot of other places for the first time. You get out there, it's still a mound. It's the same distance to home plate as anywhere else." If Correia, 32, sounds unfazed, that's the California cool in him. Take his answer when asked about the key to getting acclimated for a cold-weather outing after spending the past seven weeks in Fort Myers, Fla. "There is no key," he said, pulling on an all-black ensemble of leather gloves, jacket and ski cap. "I'll probably just walk around a couple blocks with my shirt off here to get ready."