It was Ndamukong Suh media day Wednesday, and among the revelations were he'd love to be chosen as a defensive captain, he will take Mean Joe Greene's advice, he's got Nick Fairley's back on saying the Lions have the best defensive tackle tandem in the league and yes, when his contract is up in two years he would love to remain in Detroit. "Without question, it's an honor when your peers pick you as captain, somebody to lead them," he said. "It's something you hope for, but you never know. You wait for it to come but if not, there's opportunities to lead in many different ways." Suh said he kind of feels like being in his third year of college, when upper classmen leave the program and the mantle of leadership falls on him. "Leadership is something that comes along, you don't want to force it," he said. "You don't want to push yourself on being a leader because usually then it becomes a rebellion. Let it come as it goes and let it be natural. "I definitely feel like a leader." As for Greene, the former Steelers Hall of Fame defensive lineman, he told The Free Press this month Suh should not change the way he plays. He said he hoped Suh would not let his notoriety and media criticism alter his aggressive, power approach. "I did see those comments and they are definitely appreciated," Suh said. "Especially coming from a legend of his caliber and somebody I looked up to growing up in this game. It means a lot and you have my word, I'm not changing my game. I have to be smart, but I am not changing." Meaning? "Blue-collar football," Suh said. "The way I got myself into the league was playing hard; that's what got me my success. What I mean by not changing my way of playing is, go hard every single play and don't be tentative or hesitant." A couple of weeks ago, Fairley, who will start next to Suh this season, raised a stir when he said the Lions have the best defensive tackle tandem in the game. "It's a great challenge and it's something I am definitely up for," Suh said. "He feels in his heart that we can be (the best) and I am going to be there to work alongside of him. It has in essence put a target on our back, which is fine. I've had a target on my back since I was a rookie. I am excited for it." Finally, Suh has two years left on his contract, which he restructured this offseason to give the team some cap flexibility. His agent said at the time Suh would be interested in remaining in Detroit beyond the end of this contract. "We are two years away from even considering these things, but to be honest, I would love to be here in Detroit," he said. "It's a team and an organization I love being a part of and playing for." He talked about how much fun he had riding the Zamboni at the Red Wings game last week and "sort of" hanging out with Bill Ford, Jr. "If the opportunity is there (to re-sign), I am definitely looking at it," he said. "It's a beautiful city. I have a home here; so that tells you enough right there."