North Carolina is back in good graces with the NCAA — after the state repealed its controversial HB2 law last month — and will once again host championship events on its own soil. Greensboro will host the first and second rounds of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in 2020, and Raleigh will host the first and second rounds in 2021. (Charlotte remains scheduled to host in 2018, though that was previously determined.) Though the legislation passed to replace HB2 has been criticized for still failing to protect the LGBTQ community from discrimination, NCAA President Mark Emmert signaled that the governing body could consider it changed enough that the governing body could dip its toes back into a state that often hosts championship events in various sports. “The fact that the board only identified one state that it didn't want to go to, while recognizing there were 49 other states with various degrees of support or restrictions around LGBT rights and other civil rights issues, it certainly meant that they saw North Carolina as distinctive,” Emmert said last month at his annual state of the union address at the Final Four. “And the question that's going to be before them: Is it now still so distinctive that we don't want to go there? Or is it close enough to where everybody else is in the country that it makes sense to be there?”