Sophomore wide receiver Levi Copelin has been suspended for the 2014 season by the NCAA, Missouri announced Tuesday. Copelin, in a statement, said he used a legal, over-the-counter supplement and used it as part of a workout regimen, but he did not clear it with the Missouri staff. "This supplement is legal and available to the public, but it isn’t approved by the NCAA, and as a result of using it, I failed an NCAA drug test," Copelin said in the statement. "This was a stupid mistake on my part, and I’m very sorry that I put myself and my team in this situation. This is a hard lesson to learn, as I never had the wrong intentions. "I also understand there aren’t any shortcuts to success. There’s nothing I can do except dedicate myself to representing me, my family, my team, and Mizzou the right way going forward. I’m very grateful to my coaches and my teammates for giving me a chance to overcome this." Copelin's suspension puts even more stress on an unproven Missouri receiving corps heading into this season.