A temporary waiver allowing college football programs to sign more than 25 players in a recruiting class as a means of replacing outgoing transfers could be passed next month. The proposal, which allows programs to sign up to seven additional players in a class to replace up to seven transfers. sets the stage for a permanent rule change that would make life easier for coaches.

The measure won't come up for discussion until the Oct 5-6 meeting of the NCAA Council, chair Shane Lyons told CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd. Still, it comes amid a massive change within college sports. This spring, the NCAA gave the green light to Division I athletes in sports such as football and basketball to transfer once without sitting out a season. 

That freedom of movement has led to a massive uptick in transfers, which made roster management especially tricky for some first-year football coaches and others dealing with large numbers of outgoing transfers. As the rules are currently constructed, any incoming transfers count against the 25-man limit of a program's signing class.