The NCAA has alleged that Oregon's track and field, football and women's and men's basketball programs have committed significant breaches of conduct. The NCAA on Monday delivered a notice of allegations to UO outlining the infractions, some of which date to 2013 while others occurred as recently as last May. On Thursday, UO made public the notice, as well as its response conceding some of the findings while challenging others. In particular, it pushed back on charges that men's basketball coach Dana Altman and women's basketball coach Kelly Graves failed to properly monitor their programs or promote an atmosphere of compliance. The infractions were initially self reported by UO to the NCAA. In the NCAA's infraction structure, Level I violations are most serious, dubbed severe breaches of conduct. The scale goes to Level IV, which are deemed incidental. All of the allegations against UO are Level II because, the NCAA said, "the violations were not isolated or limited."