I wouldn't say it was competitive between me and Ben growing up, because he's 10 years older than me. He was the big brother, and I looked up to him a lot. I just tried to copy him as much as I could. I was playing football in the street, then watching him on Friday nights, seeing the great impact that he had at his high school. It was a fun childhood with me, him and four others. It was a packed house, but you always had somebody to play with. We both hustle. People always allude to that play in the postseason against the Broncos back in 2006 where Ben chased down Champ Bailey (preventing a touchdown). That was an example for me, because whenever somebody picks the ball off or something, that play always comes to my mind. 'OK, get it. Go get it.' I always try to chase the ball down. I've got a couple tackles off of that. If I'm given the opportunity, I think I can be a receiving threat like him, too. The biggest advice he's given me about this pre-draft process is to get everything out of it that you can. Soak up as much as you can in the next couple months. Take everything in, in order to get the best result. The combine is a great opportunity for guys to showcase their skills, but with me not going to it, I still have to focus on opportunities I do have in my pro day. I'm working out in Miami at Pete Bommarito's. One day we'll do agilities and we'll work on the cone drills, the 5-10-5 drill, the "L" drill and just trying to get the feet working faster. Then we'll have a conditioning day where we're working on our 40, our starts and efficient movements and muscle memory. It's a lot different from college workouts. In the weight room, we're working a lot of bench, a lot of chest workouts and muscle endurance. I feel like I haven't peaked yet, which is good. I'm working hard, getting stronger and faster and just trying to take every day, focusing on the end result. I'm focused on what I want to get out of it. We get there about 6:30 or 7 and we don't leave until 3. The little time that you do have, you're by yourself, watching Netflix or something like that. I don't know anybody in Miami. I just came in from the beach, enjoying the water a little bit and reading. I'm staying busy, trying to talk to my wife when I can. I got married in December. The distance is kind of difficult right now, but I'm used to it. I've been talking to a lot of guys and they're like, 'Man, I can't wait for this to be over. I can't wait to get my pro day done and I can just breathe and focus on the next thing.' Although it's stressful right now, it's good to just enjoy the process. I can't wait to get back home, but I'm trying to have fun while I can.