Boston Celtics forward and National Basketball Players Association vice president Jaylen Brown expects the union to appeal the Brooklyn Nets' suspension of star Kyrie Irving, who is also a vice president.

Brown told Boston Globe's Gary Washburn on Monday that the players' union is uncomfortable with the terms of the point guard's return from the minimum five-game ban. Irving was suspended after he tweeted a link to a film containing antisemitic tropes and then failed to disavow antisemitism or apologize in multiple interviews. He posted an apology on Instagram after the suspension was announced.

"I don't believe Kyrie Irving is antisemitic," said Brown. "I don't think people in our governing bodies think he's antisemitic. He made a mistake. We understand from an outside perspective how important sensitivity is to not condone hate speech and not condone anything of that nature. ...

"We don't want to stand up for somebody in order to not condemn hate speech, but I don't believe Kyrie Irving is antisemitic. And hopefully the NBA feels the same way.”