The NBA's pursuit of draft lottery reform is rooted in research that "many fans continue to say that so-called tanking is making them less interested in the league," president of league operations Byron Spruell told ESPN. Lottery reform is moving toward a Sept. 28 vote at the NBA's board of governors meeting in New York. The league's competition committee has recommended passage of commissioner Adam Silver's proposal intended to curb the chase to the bottom of the standings for higher draft positions. The NBA needs the vote of three-quarters of its teams -- 23 of 30 -- to implement the new rules, beginning in 2019. Silver fell short of the votes to reform the draft lottery in 2014. "We are proposing that teams can no longer target finishing positions at the bottom, with a marginal difference in each seed from there on," Spruell told ESPN. "We need to continue to focus on competitive play and owe it to our fans and business partners to do that. It's the right time to take action."