Allan Houston, who joined the National Basketball Association as it moved away from short shorts, says the latest uniform change might lead to another sports fashion statement. The Golden State Warriors tonight will debut what they are calling the NBA’s first modern short-sleeve jersey when they host the San Antonio Spurs, spurning the sleeveless outfits almost universally worn throughout basketball. “It’s going to be all or nothing,” said Houston, the New York Knicks’ assistant general manager who retired as a player after 12 seasons in 2005. “People are going to really embrace it or be like, ‘Man, I don’t want any part of it.’” The Oakland, California-based Warriors will sport the new jerseys made by Adidas AG twice more this season. Players and sports marketing analysts said short sleeves could be anything from a style game-changer to simply a sales stunt. Wearing above-the-knee shorts, Houston entered the NBA with the Detroit Pistons in 1993, the same season as Chris Webber, who helped make popular a longer-legged look with the University of Michigan team known as the Fab Five. It wasn’t long before the Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan started wearing longer shorts and other teams followed, Houston said. “The younger guys set the trends and set the market,” Houston said in an interview. “If they embrace it and everybody likes it, then it could catch.” The yellow shirts, form-fitting around the arms, have blue Warriors lettering and striping at the neck and down the sides. A white image of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is on the front. Read more: