Will Bynum, the Detroit Pistons' electric point guard, has been an obvious candidate in trade rumors for a while now. He is effective, cheap and on an expiring deal. The latest Bynum rumor, or more accurately suggestion, is a deal between the Detroit Pistons and Oklahoma City Thunder, who could use some scoring punch and ball handling off the bench. Longtime NBA writer Chris Sheridan outlined why the deal would make sense for the two teams. 3. Will Bynum from Detroit Pistons to Oklahoma City Thunder for Eric Maynor and Toronto's No. 1 pick. Why it Makes Sense for Detroit: They get a pick that likely will be in the mid-lottery (Raptors' pick is protected 1-3), replacing the pick they sent to the Bobcats in the Corey Maggette-Ben Gordon trade. And they get a return on Bynum, who is on an expiring contract. If Toronto hits the lottery and keeps its pick, the Pistons would get it in 2014 - when the protection drops to top 2. (The pick becomes unprotected in 2018.) Why it Makes Sense for Oklahoma City: They get a veteran, savvy player who can replace what left with James Harden left (ballhandling capability). They also get someone who can cut down on the high number of turnovers from Russell Westbrook, who can play off the ball if Bynum (who scores more than 40 percent of his points in fourth quarters) is running the point. They ditch Maynor, who is in Scott Brooks' doghouse. They don't have to rely on untested Reggie Jackson as their fail-safe, which could be a season-killer.