Marc Stein has a truckload of rumors in his latest update article, some of which is contradictory and confusing. So instead of quoting the whole thing I'll summarize most of it here and direct you to follow the link for more details. Hawks seem determined to deal Josh Smith - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN Hawks really want to move Josh Smith - don't think they can re-sign him There are other suitors but they are hesitant because of his contract expectations Celtics want Josh Smith but are also keen on Eric Bledsoe (negotiating leverage maybe?) A deal with the Hawks will likely center around Paul Pierce but... ...seems unlikely (to Stein) that the Celtics would send out Pierce - especially to Atlanta. Seems like the plan is still to try to convince Garnett to waive his no-trade clause to deal with Clippers but... doesn't sound like Garnett is interested in doing that at all. Which he told Chris Paul and Chauncy Billups this weekend. Now it sounds like the Clippers are hesitant to include both Bledsoe and Jordan in a KG deal. (posturing?)