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Offseason of change for the Los Angeles Lakers?

Coming off an ugly 49-loss team, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss made it perfectly clear that she’s not happy with the direction of the organization.

“I’m growing impatient just because we had the fourth-highest payroll in the league. When you spend that kind of money on the luxury tax, you expect to go deep into the playoffs. So, yeah, it was gut-wrenching for me to go out on a limb like that and not get the results that we were looking for. … I’m not happy, I’m not satisfied.”

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss on team’s struggles, via the Los Angeles Times

There’s been NBA trade rumors circulating that the Lakers might look to trade injury-plagued big man Anthony Davis. Right now, that scenarios seems unlikely. However, it could be Los Angeles’ only path to acquire talent around LeBron James. After all, Russell Westbrook’s regression and bloated contract makes him a net-negative in trade talks.


Donovan Mitchell wants to remain with Utah Jazz

Utah is coming off yet another premature playoff exit. This time, it came against the Dallas Mavericks in the first round. It’s led to continued speculation that Utah might break up the star tandem of Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. With that said, Mitchell is still saying all the right things about remaining in Utah.

It’s an interesting thing to look at. Some have speculated that Mitchell might want to join a larger market like New York. Meanwhile, the Knicks have long had interest in him. It now appears that the ony way Mitchell is traded is if Utah’s brass starts anew with a rebuild.