My hunch is that the NBA's trade deadline (Thursday, 3 p.m.) will come and go without the Detroit Pistons making another move, but what do I know? While some teams leak their business to the press left and right, the Pistons usually wait in the weeds until the very last second -- so even though I don't think anything will actually happen, perhaps that's just a sign that something will. You want a big, fat expiring deal? Let me introduce you to Corey Maggette. (You want a big, fat power forward? Meet Charlie Villanueva.) Maybe a cheap backup point guard? Oh hey, it's Will Bynum. A buy-low hustle player? Jonas Jerebko (and his dad) are dying to say hello. A potential starter in need of new scenery? Paging Rodney Stuckey. Who do I think is most likely to be moved? I kind of hate to say it, but the baby eater himself: Jason Maxiell. And according to David Mayo of, Maxiell seems just as uncertain where he'll call home a week from today: Jason Maxiell has started every game, for better or worse, and has one-third of a season left on his $5 million contract. He acknowledged recently that he wonders more and more whether he will enter free agency this summer as a Piston. It's his career, his life, his family's life. It could mean two moves in a matter of months if the Pistons trade him and he doesn't re-sign with that team. And the likelihood of the Pistons re-signing him when Drummond has to start offers yet another hurdle to him remaining with the team, plus it was at last year's deadline that Dumars thought he had a deal to send Maxiell to New Orleans for Chris Kaman.